Case Study


A decision to adopt an inbound marketing approach led Tranzaura to invest in content, which has since played an important role in their impressive growth.

Perpetual Demand's content plays a vital role in executing our content marketing strategy. The positive impact has been instrumental in our growth objectives.
Michail Tzouvelekis
Marketing Director, Fornova

About Fornova

Fornova is a leader in BI solutions for the travel and hospitality market. Their BI software enables their clients’ entire organisation to make better decisions faster, navigate through changing market environments and stay ahead of the competition.


Fornova required bottom of funnel content to help buyers who were close to decision time.


In collaboration with the Fornova team we created a Buyers Guide to help outline the features and benefits of Fornova RI. The guide makes finding the right BI partner easy for hotel chains. We collaborated on a landing page creation to help users find out more about the guide and easily access it. We created a suite of social assets which offered up-front value to buyers and immediate insights to encourage further investigation.



By creating content that focuses on the bottom-line results for users and senior management, Fornova illustrates the clear financial and organisational benefits it’s technology provides – presenting a compelling offer, increasing sales inquires and promoting revenue growth.

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