How to Tackle the Barrier of Abstraction with Flow Mapping

Everything that is bought or sold has a customer journey: the awareness of the need, consideration of the options, and a decision to purchase. User journeys vary from the very straightforward and simplistic to incredibly complex and long-winded. While it’s nearly impossible to pin down every customers’ exact user journey, it’s very important to be […]

The 5 Pillars Of Perpetual Demand

The greatest catalyst for change in marketing is a quiet sales floor, and the effect this silence has on a business is infectious. Projects are dropped and it’s all hands to the pumps to push prospects through the pipes and generate revenue. The issue is that the change in performance is fleeting, and marketing teams […]

Podcast Sponsorship As Part Of Your Media Plan

This is the first in a planned series of posts exploring the place for podcasts within Digital Marketing budgeting. Podcast advertising spend overall is small, really small! Especially in comparison to the more established channels of PPC and Display advertising, but it is growing. Estimates by Bridge Ratings put the size of the industry at […]