Travelport Fusion – Content Distribution Case Study


We’ve adapted our award-winning content distribution strategy into a detailed case study
Travelport Digital are the world’s largest, dedicated mobile travel technology provider working with travel brands on their mobile strategy since 2007. We partnered with them to produce and implement a distribution strategy that amplified their content to reach their target audience – driving brand awareness and lead generation.
The key objective was to drive new customer acquisition for Travelport Digital’s mobile application platform, ‘Fusion’.
As Travelport are a B2B company with a niche audience this presented particular challenges as potential customers are limited and spread across the globe.
To achieve the objective we developed a full funnel paid media strategy that would support Travelport Digital’s content strategy.
We’ve adapted this full-funnel content distribution strategy into a detailed case study to make it accessible to any marketer who is looking to take this adopt full funnel strategies within their own business.
In this case study we detail:

  • How to balance brand and content messaging through the funnel
  • How we coordinated activities with Travelport during execution
  • Mapping content onto user journeys
  • The challenges faced when working with an extremely niche audience
  • Audience Development and management

Key Results:
Over the course of the campaign, each advertising platform ended up displaying its own characteristics in terms of the overall user journey; from the accuracy of Linkedin’s demographic targeting options; to the flexibility of Facebook for audience development.
During the course of the campaign, we saw incredible results in terms of brand uplift and conversion volume increases with a 91% increase in lead volume and a return on ad spend of over 400%.
We hope you enjoy reading through the case study and please get in touch if you are producing great content and would like to get it in front of your target market.
full funnel diagram