LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which Is Better for B2B Paid Media?


Imperic Media recently published a thorough case study following the award-winning content distribution strategy we created for Travelport Digital. The case study follows the full process of creating and applying that strategy, including multiple helpful tools that are ready to use.

While distributing Travelport Digital’s thoughtful content, we faced the choice of platforms on which to distribute said content. You may find yourself facing a similar situation. Which platform works better for presenting B2B paid media? Which is more expensive? Which will best help me find my audience? Which generates the most conversions?

Since we know others are facing this difficult choice, we elected to set up our process as a reference. Through our work with Travelport Digital, we were able to study the traits and results of each platform. We’ve set that information up into a useful chart that may help you decide whether Facebook or LinkedIn will best suit your needs for B2B content distribution.

Check out our infographic, which sets up Facebook against LinkedIn for paid media content distribution. To see how these platforms worked for us, download the full case study for free.